From the farm to your location. How do we do it?




                  The Millswood Promise

We apply a rigorous Quality Management System (QMS) across the supply chain to ensure only the finest avocados are delivered to our customers. Quality begins at the orchard and extends to transportation, handling, packaging, and shipping.

     For detailed information on our approach to quality please request a copy of the Millswood Avocado QMS below.



           Our avocados are hand-picked and placed in large crates in a labor-intensive process that occurs before sunrise. Before packaging, avocados are pre-cooled to increase their longevity. Graders then hand check and sort avocados by size in laminated carton boxes.


          The fruits are then transported from the packhouse in refrigerated trucks and exported in Controlled Atmosphere (CA) containers by air or by sea. Our Quality Management System (QMS) is designed to ensure the quality of produce from the farm to the consumer. The QMS is based on total quality management; that is, the process of achieving and maintaining quality at all stages of the value chain.


Avocados are packed in 4kg or 10kg laminated carton boxes designed to be both cold and weight resistant.


Packing may occur by hand or by machine according to the buyer's specifications.


We design our logistics to ship Avocados safely and in great quality.


Controlled Atmosphere (CA) technology allows us to keep Avocados fresh in transit for up to 6 weeks.


We comply with the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) Standard FFV-42: Concerning Marketing and Commercial Quality Control of Avocados.

Please download the Standard below.